Pet Care, Services and News

Pet Care, Services and News

Urban Kennels is a blog which explores issues pet owners care about, so that hopefully our readers will have a better idea of how they can improve the care of their pet. Whether it is regarding improvements to their quality of life, improving your relationship with them, or finding out about useful services for your pet, we should be able to help.

Pet Owners Travelling Overseas – Your Options Part 1

One of the worst times for any pet owners, besides their pet falling ill, is when you’ve got an overseas holiday booked. This can be difficult, as you only really have 3 options and none of them are particularly desirable.

Your first option, and what most people probably prefer the idea of, is taking your pet with you. Unfortunately, this is also the most complicated, and can cause massive distress with your pet. First of all vaccinations are a must with any overseas travel with pets. That, and how difficult getting them boarding passes and arranging for their journey is quite difficult. All of this plus how stressful and down-right terrifying the journeys often are for them, you can see why many pet owners opt for a different option.

Your second option is often times your best option, which is to leave them with friends and family while you’re away. This really comes down to how amenable to the idea your friends or family are, but it does mean that you get somebody with an emotional interest in them looking after them.


Dog Training

A lot of pet owners are reticent to start training their dogs, but in many cases it is a necessity, and all cases it can help to reinforce a positive relationship with your pet, providing it is done correctly.

Dog training is something which a lot of pet owners avoid doing, but it is really something they should consider doing as soon as they can. The earlier you start with it is the better it going to be, both in terms of the end results and the speed with which you achieve them.

Starting when they are just a few weeks old is ideal, as they are at their most submissive in this period. It is also a great opportunity to get them socialising with adult dogs so that they see how they’re supposed to behave (an integral part of any puppy-dog training).


Ball Launchers – a Useful Tool / Toy for any Dog Owner

Ball launchers are something which everyone will have seen at some point due to their wide popularity, which makes sense due to how massively useful they are. It can be tiring, throwing a ball repeatedly long distances for your dog to run after and catch, and if you’re older or in bad shape you could be risking injury on top of this. A ball launcher helps to relieve a lot of the stress from the action, allowing owners to throw the ball for longer and to further distances as well.

Another great benefit offered by ball launchers which I’m sure a lot of dog owners will sympathise with is how you can also pick the ball up with the ball launcher (providing you’re a little patient). If you’ve had the ‘wonderful’ experience of picking a ball up after your dog has started to slobber all over it, being able to use the ball launcher as a makeshift hand makes the experience a lot more enjoyable for both the owner and the pet.

Keeping your Dog Happy

Making sure that your pet dog remains happy is one of the chief responsibilities of every pet owner, right up there with keeping them healthy. They often go hand in hand, as one of the best ways to keep them happy is making sure they receive a lot of exercise.

A dog’s happiness is dependent of a few different factors; exercise, socialising with humans and other dogs and having a routine. Depending upon the breed of animal you’re caring for you could find a greater or smaller demand on your time.

A border collie for instance is renowned for being a very active intelligent and demanding dog. They need an active life where they have responsibilities and a job, which requires certain life choices from the owner as well. Failing to do this can cause depression, so you need to consider if you’ll be able to provide them with the life they require.

British bulldog’s are at the other end of the scale; largely satisfied with being left at home during the day while you’re at work and an otherwise great companion when you are home. They still need regular exercise and socialising as well, but keeping them happy is less of concern.

Dog Daycare

Daycare services for your pets would seem outlandish for many owners of them, but it has a number of advantages which are well sought after.

Pets, and dogs in particular, can become psychologically unstable when they aren’t given enough stimulation, whether that stimulation is as a result of regular walks, playing with them or regular, near constant interaction. With most of us living in urban environments; working for most of the day, providing your dog with the high levels of stimulation they need can be a difficult task.

The affects of neglect can be significant, with most of the issues pet owners report having with their pet able to be attributed to a lack of interaction and a lack of exercise.

Dog daycare services help pet owners in this situation, first by providing you with a means to keep your pet entertained during the day while you’re at work, and then by giving your pet an opportunity to socialise with other animals, gain regular exercise, and keep engaged throughout the day.

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